Posted on May 14, 2020

17 May 2020

“If you love me…..”

Aren’t those some of the clearest words which put all of us on our guard?

We know we’re either about to disappoint someone we care about,

or we’re going to feel manipulated into doing something we don’t want to do,

or we’re going to agree to do something we have no intention of doing but in the face of “love” just can’t say  “No,” –right now.

These words are a combination: threat and fact of impending disappointment.

The exact words aren’t always used, but they are implied.

They come from our spouses: “If you love me, you would……”

From our parents–no matter how old we are:

“If you don’t want to disappoint us you would…..”

From our friends, again more often implied but still there:

“If you were really my friend you would…..”

“If you love me……”

In most cases, we do love–have some regard– for the people who make such statements to us.

And in most cases, I think, we are annoyed when people pull out the old “Love” card,

and thump our consciences with it.

But then again, we do it too don’t we?

Why this need to remind that love, obliges?

That what seems to be a gift, is really a responsibility?

Is it because we love so poorly? Maybe?

And maybe it is just us, our culture that has a hard time with this.

Love is among those things in life that shouldn’t cost anything.

It’s a goofy notion for Christians to have. After all, we have the cross.

Love costs, and love obliges. Our being here today isn’t free.

Some would say that coming here is all free.  It shouldn’t cost anything.

That’s not true. We know that especially in this time of pandemic.

We have generations of our ancestors in the faith who gave up their lives

Because loving the Lord obliged.

And, real people sacrificed real parts of their lives to make sure this building got built.

The bottom line is who wants cheap love, easy love?

Don’t we all want the real thing?