Posted on Jul 19, 2021

18 July 2021

That’s the key line, I think in this little section of the Marcan gospel. Why?

Because it’s really a teaching about miracles.

It points to the question that we should ask every time

we think we witness or hear about a miracle.

What does this line reveal?

If you were one of the apostles who’d come back what would you be reporting?

It’s how powerful you’d become right?

Think about it, if you could cure the sick, drive out demons.

Isn’t that incredible? What does it say about you?

And that is why this is an important passage.

They report not just what they did–but what they taught.

A true miracle for a believer, always points beyond the event to God.

The teaching was a pointing of the finger away from themselves to God.

So to make the point even clearer–

If I could walk on water that would be a great thing right?

I would probably go down in the history as the priest that could walk on water.

It would certainly defy the laws of nature–because right now I sink.

I can’t even swim.

But would you call that a miracle?  Or just an oddity?

If it’s all about me, then it’s not a miracle.

Now, if I suddenly can walk on water (because we know I can’t swim)

To save a drowning child, and actually save that child, that might be a miracle.

Because it reminds us all that true grace in this world is about saving others,

Rescuing the poor, the lost, the hungry, those in danger.

So what miracle will you ask to perform this week–not for yourself–but for someone else?