Posted on Feb 27, 2021

28 February 2021

The opening line of the first reading is really so poignant: “God put Abraham to the test.”

We think that’s so unfair.

Why does God test Abraham?

Why does God test us?

What’s the point?

And, yet, much of our lives seems like a test.

Will we be faithful?  Will we be honest?  Will we love?  Will we be generous?

Will we …….?

Someone once said that every time a baby is born, God holds his breath: “Will that child love him?”

What incredible power God has given us in our ability to choose.

That’s what the “test” is really, our power to choose.

Each of us is tested.

We wouldn’t be the people we are without it.

And God wouldn’t be the kind of God you could actually come to love,

if we couldn’t choose to love him.