Religious Education – Elementary School

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religious education programs for elementary school students.

Religious Education classes are held at St. Joseph School from September to May.
See the calendar for details.

Grades 1 - 6 
3:30 pm - 4:40 pm


2021-2022 Schedule

Click here to view this information in a downloadable/printable version.

Parent meeting  September 29th, 2021 at 6:30 PM in the gym. Schedule, books, and presenter. Meeting will last until about 8P. Parents only.

STUDENT BOOKS- We Discover God’s Paths (On Our Way with Jesus)


Theme 1- Week of Oct 4th
Theme 2- Week of  Oct. 11th
Theme 3- Week of  Oct 19th
Theme 4- Week of Oct 25th
Conclusion – Week of November 3rd  (due back on Nov 20th)

Learning Centers for First Reconciliation/GYM
(Bring Baptismal record if not baptized at St. Joseph Parish)
Parent and child- takes about 1 hr.
Wednesday,  Nov.3rd
4:00pm- 7:00 pm


First Reconciliation Celebration :in the Church
December 1, 2021 Time TBD. This will take place in the church with the children, the teacher and Father Szews. Parents are welcome 

2021-2022 Schedule

Click here to view this information in a downloadable/printable version.

Parent meeting- Jan. 19, 2022 at 6:30 PM in the gym. Outline of rest of year and presenter  speaking on First Communion. Meeting will last until about 8pm.School and Religious Education parents)

STUDENT BOOK- We Share in the Eucharist (School and Religious Ed)


Theme 1- Week of Feb 2nd
Theme 2- Week of  Feb. 9th
Theme 3- Week of Feb. 16th
Theme 4- Week of  Feb. 23rd
Theme 5- Week of  March 2nd
Theme 6- Week of  March 9th
Theme 7- Week of  March 16th

(Important: Please make careful use of the PARENT GUIDE in the center of the book.

(Books given out at parent meeting on Jan.19th)

Learning Centers for FIRST COMMUNION- GYM(Both School and Religious Ed)
Parent and child, any 1-2 hours on
Wed., Feb. 2nd  from 4p-7:00p

Lent- Stations of The Cross in Church at 3:45 p & Veneration of The Cross

April 6th,  grades 1-6, in the church( Religious Ed. Classes)

Lenten Boxes for the Missions due ( Religious  Education  classes)

Each child ( both School and Religious Ed. )is to make a BANNER with their family .. bring these to church on First Communion Sunday to hang on your pew in  church  and then take home and hang in their rooms as a reminder of this special day. Directions enclosed

Rehearsal on April 20th in the Church at 2:15p, all the children both school and Religious Education (Rel. Ed. Students take permission slip to Malone teacher to leave school)

First Eucharist Celebration – April 24th at 10 am  (families will each have a half pew. The banner should hang on the end of your half)

(A group photo will be taken  at   9am  between the Masses--and then individual pictures…  parents make take any photos they wish after Mass)

Photo order form enclosed in folder at meeting

Our Sunday morning preschool classes are for children ages 4-6, and they are introduced to our loving God through a series called "Stories of God's Love".

Dates:  Sundays from October through Palm Sunday 

Time:  During 10:00 a.m. Mass

Location:  Church social hall

Cost:  $35 for year

Theme:  "Stories of God's Love"

We are fortunate to have Mattia Meyer-Dix, Delia Warp and Allie Warp, who donate their time in service to our parish children. We are very grateful to these young teachers.  The series is designed specifically for preschool children to support parents in educating their children about the Catholic faith.  It helps children develop positive attitudes about themselves, family and friends by discovering and learning more about the many gifts, talents and abilities that God has provided.  The series uses taking turns, listening, helping, sharing, loving and thanking others to teach the practice of Christian actions toward others. Children will learn through stories, songs and other participation experiences.  We will begin to teach prayers to help them gain knowledge and friendship with Jesus.