June 11, 2020 Parish Update

Posted on Jun 11, 2020

Yesterday on my walk with the mayor I found 15 cents laying in the middle of the pavement.  Finding money on the streets in Prescott is a rarity.  In Eau Claire I used to find money all the time, especially Saturday mornings along Water Street.  For people unfamiliar with Eau Claire, Water Street is the famous college bar street in Eau Claire.  On Saturday mornings I walked early occasionally the beer spilled on the sidewalks was still evident.  I could pick up as much as $5 on a good Saturday morning.  Finding a crumpled up $20 bill was not uncommon.  America truly is a country where the streets are paved in gold.

Yesterday morning the mayor let me pick up the nickle and dime on my own.  Bending over after my knee surgery has been difficult.  I am not sure why.  It of course could just be old age and a creaky body.  The mayor noted,  “You saw that I wasn’t going to help you, didn’t you?”  I had noticed actually.  About two months ago we found a quarter in the middle of a street.  The mayor quickly bent over to pick it up.  Then, he handed it to me because I had seen it first.  I said to the mayor, “I am grateful this morning that I can bend over again.”  You have to find little things to be grateful for every day.

Saturday morning on the walk the mayor found a strange insect laying in the gutter.  He had never recalled seeing anything like it.  I hadn’t either.  We both snapped a picture of it.  I sent the picture to my doctor and to Kevin.  My doctor didn’t know what it was but looked it up.  Kevin simply texted back, “Luna.”  It was a Luna moth that only lives for 10-14 hours.  It truly is a beautiful moment in creation though.

This coming week we’ll be sending out a letter to the parish giving instructions on how we will gather for public worship again.  I’m still a bit leery as just this morning Dr. Fauci reiterated that he would be very careful especially about attending worship services.  With all the responses and singing he noted that there would be a lot of aerosolization and if just one person had the virus it could be spread to the whole group very easily.  Again every person has to assess the risk and determine whether or not to attend.  Until we have a vaccine all of us are at risk.  It was no different during the first outbreak of polio when there also was a quarantine.  Until we meet again around the Lord’s Table, know you are in my prayer…GRS