July 9, 2020 Parish Update

Posted on Jul 9, 2020

This (Tuesday) morning on the walk the mayor talked about his upcoming road trip at the end of the week.  There will have to be a few mornings I walk alone.  We have talked in the past how it helps to have a “walking mate.”  On those cold mornings in January when you’d rather stay in bed you get up because someone is waiting to walk with you.  On those warm muggy mornings in July when you’d rather stay in the air conditioning, you get yourself up and out of bed because someone is waiting to walk with you.  A walking mate strengthens your resolve and helps you become better than you might otherwise be.  I suspect the same is true for church-going.

We come together to celebrate Eucharist because we are not solitary, we are a saved people who recognize the Lord in our midst when two or three are gathered in his name.  The earliest Christians, often at great peril, came together once a week for the Eucharist.  There is something in the communal celebration which not only raises our awareness of the Lord’s presence in our lives but helps us become better than we might otherwise be.

Last weekend we had our first real public Mass.  There were about 20 people present.  Again it was a surreal experience for me.  Looking out at all those masked faces, realizing it was a tiny fraction of our community, no singing—very, very odd.  And yet it was somewhat comforting.  Ralph Murphy, my neighbor, shouted across the street that he had just watched the Mass and he thought I did, “ok.”  Thanks Ralph.  Also last weekend I noticed two children of our parishioners who had grown an inch since last I saw them.  Their parents are fairly short people so I don’t think there will be much more of a growth spurt.  Still it was good to see Nolan and Fiona.  Teddy was standing behind them and that really exaggerated their lack of stature.  I think Teddy is about 6’6”. Just a reminder, if you’d like to come to Mass email the parish office, tell us how many people in your immediate family and we’ll reserve a spot for you.  You’ll get an email telling you which weekend you’re scheduled to attend and some final instructions.  Bring your mask, keep social distance and celebrate with us…GRS