Posted on Apr 24, 2021

25 April 2021

A story.

Leonardo da Vinci, when he prepared to paint “The Lord’s Supper” had to find thirteen models

who would portray the apostles and one to represent Jesus.

It was hard to find just the right people.

He went for years in between finding the right model for some particular apostle.

One Sunday da Vinci was at a Cathedral Mass,

he saw a particular man in the choir he thought had just the right qualities to be Jesus.

His face spoke of compassion, insight, an inner light of guidance, tenderness, strength.

The man sat for the painting and he was exactly right.

Years went by again, slowly the painting was being finished,

however the last person was not yet painted–Judas.

He could not find the right face for Judas.

Finally he visited a prison looking for the right model, and there he found him.

The man was filled with guilt, despair, greed.

Da Vinci sought and received permission for the man to sit for him.

The man was brought in and da Vinci proceeded.

The painting was going well, drawing it to a close in this one model for Judas.

As da Vinci painted he noticed that the model was growing increasingly tense.

Finally he stopped painting and asked him: “What is causing you so much distress?”

The man began sobbing. “Don’t you remember,” he said.

“Years ago I was your model for Christ.”

An interesting twist on that second reading originally intended to comfort us about the future,

but: “Beloved we are God’s children now, what we shall later be is not yet known.”

In baptism we start out configured to Christ.

Claimed with high hopes that we’ll look like him. But what really can happen?

This week the question is: “What am I making of my life?”

Beloved we are God’s children now,

what we shall later be……….