Posted on May 21, 2020

24 MAY 2020

They all came back, save Judas.

They were all there, save Judas.

Even though just about everyone of them deserted him, betrayed him, fled his passion and        cross, they were there.

I’m always been just a little amazed there weren’t any retributions.

Of course Jesus wouldn’t be this forgiving savior that we like to think of if there had.

But on other occasions he could cast people out–let’s remember that temple scene,

and his admonishments about giving scandal.

He was capable of separating the goats from the sheep, warned it would happen,

But apparently not yet.

Don’t you wonder how much more successful the church would have been if Jesus had sacked Peter and the rest, put the whole thing in the hands and only their hands of the faithful women who stayed by the cross?

That would be corporate downsizing.

Getting rid of the dead weight.

But apparently this was not his plan nor his wisdom.

On this Ascension we are reminded of the second chance.

For all of us hesitant witnesses, there is still the command from Jesus to each of us:

“Go, make disciples even to the ends of the earth.”

Everyone of us here can count our failures at faithfulness,

and yet the Lord is still talking to us like we’re one of the disciples.