4 June Parish Update

Posted on Jun 4, 2020

This morning on our walk the mayor indicated that I needed some other people to give me material.  He was pretty boring and had run out.  One of the issues with the Stay At Home regime through which we are all living right now is that we have limited contact with others.  In my case there aren’t a lot of other people to give me fodder for my weekly article.  

Sometimes when walking I do run into Beth Voss.  But as many of you might know she is quite a determined walker and there is barely enough time for a conversation before she is off again.  The other day she hit 30,000 steps and was proud of that number.  The truth is she was spurred on to reach that many steps because I had told her that I reached 25,000 one day.  I guess I didn’t know that Dorothy (her mother) had raised such a competitive woman. 

We started working on the procedures for public Mass at St. Joe’s.  I am hesitant to open up for that right now because the numbers of the virus in Prescott are just now spiking.  Some of my friends throughout the Diocese of LaCrosse did have a public Mass last weekend.  One of the larger parishes only had 26 people, another very large parish in Eau Claire had 50.  I’m guessing when we have public Mass here again we’ll have numbers somewhere in between those two. 

I walked a few blocks with Thomas Rynda (son of Jerry and Patricia) this past week.  We talked about baseball.  Thomas loves baseball and even went down to the spring training camp for the Twins in Arizona a few years ago.  Thomas is a devoted daily Mass goer and confided that he knew when we started public Masses on Saturday again he probably wouldn’t be able to go every week.  That was I think painful for him but Thomas is a resilient realist and knows this isn’t for forever and that Jesus is close to him whether in church or not.  That may be the lesson of this pandemic:  Jesus is with us no matter where we are.  

Jesus once said that where two or three are gathered in his name, there he is also.  I hope that as you shelter in place with your families you are aware of the Lord’s presence with you, that you consciously invite him to make this journey with you and bring you to a better day when we can all be together again…GRS