4-7-2020 Parish update

Posted on Apr 8, 2020

Dear St. Joe’s Parishioners:

It’s foggy and gloomy as I write this. Sven Sungaard promised a sunny day. I’m still waiting, Like most of you, I spend most of my day waiting. I walk, I pace, I pray, I watch a little TV and then I walk, I pace, I pray and I go to bed. As far as I can tell there is no immediate end in sight to this self isolation. Bishop Callahan has suspended all public masses at least until 1 May. God-willing perhaps by then we will meet again around the Lord’s Table.

As I said last week the staff and I will celebrate the three liturgies of Triduum, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Great Vigil late on Holy Saturday. We will record those liturgies and they will be up on YouTube within 24 hours of the actual celebration. If you’d like to pray along with us at the same time, we will celebrate Holy Thursday at 7 pm, Good Friday will be at 1 pm and the Easter Vigil will be at 8 pm. I’d encourage you to read the readings of the day. Also my homilies will be posted just prior to the masses. In the past I have not posted my Triduum homilies but this is an extraordinary year.

The link to the YouTube channel is here:

Or on your computers or smart TV’s, search St Joseph Prescott in the YouTube app to find our channel.

Know that you continue in my prayer.